The hedonistic Von Spar visionaries prove once again that their Cologne studio is the home ground of an unique congregation of taste, technical proficiency, and aesthetic relevance. Following their “Garzweiler” EP on Altin Village & Mine, the eclectic band shares the new video for “Omónia”.

Since their installment, back in 2003, the four-piece Von Spar band has been a beacon of technical proficiency with four album, and numerous EP releases, along with remixes by Axel Boman, Barnt, Prins Thomas and John Tejada among others. Last year, eleven years after the beginning of work on Garzweiler II – the controversial extension of the mining area in the outermost western corner of Germany – and three years after their celebrated Streetlife” LP, Von Spar reappeared with their beautifully diverseGarzweiler” EP via Altin Village & Mine.

On it are four tracks where the hedonistic visionaries once again prove that their Cologne studio is the scene of a unique congregation of taste, technical proficiency, and aesthetic relevance. Their track “Omónia”, works as a sort of unexpected summary of the record transposed to the dance floor. On the track, the urgency of “Garzweiler” culminates in a grandiose, almost anthemic finale of which the excavators of Garzweiler will tell their follow-up models. This is, if you will, capitalist realism, but under the auspices of Von Spar: neither primitivist, nor camp.

The official video for “Omónia”, which we’ve the pleasure of bringing you today, is a trippy visual escapade that carries a lot of resemblance to the video material accompanying the house and techno tracks back in the early 90s. Absolutely great stuff and a perfect fit to its soundtrack.

Garzweiler has been released via Altin Village & Mine. Grab your copy here.