Infectious grooves, hypnotic resonating sequences and gothic-infused melodies. Olsvangèr takes on Switchdance’s “Father Nature” and turns it into a cosmic drainer, as Karakter Records is set to release “The Black Tape” remix package.

The Portuguese Switchdance moniker needs little introduction. As long standing resident DJ at Lux Frágil, his highly eclectic and profoundly hypnotic sets have been casting spells over dance floors around the globe. Same can be said about his unique musical output when listening to his “The Black Tape” EP, which got released via the Amsterdam-based Karakter Records last year.

Psychedelic arpeggios, gothic melodies and dusty drum machine-driven percussive moments is the name of the game and one that Switchdance has perfected into an art form. For the remix package, Karakter Records assembles an exciting variety of talent, including OlsvangèrZombies In Miami, Iñigo Vontier, Uriah Klapter, Yør Kultura and Pedro Martins, all showcasing a different vibe and energy.

The Black Tape Remixes is scheduled for release April 30th. Grab your copy via Bandcamp.