After more than twenty years of output and dedication Moodmusic Records serves up its 200th release. Coming by the hands of Sasse, Sandrino and Langenberg, united under their MKS moniker, the release underlines the vivid history of the Berlin-based record label. 

In this day and age, where record labels seem to rise as quickly as they vanish into the vast quantity of it all, it’s hard to grasp the legacy Moodmusic Records has build up over its two decades lifespan. Standing the test of time since 1996, the record label headed by Sasse has released enough quality material to stretch a trip to the moon and back with music by a diverse set of artists such as Henrik Schwarz, Axel Boman, Dave DK, Lil Tony, Alex Niggeman, Daniel Bortz and various projects from Sasse.

For their 200th release, the label offers up a brand new 3-tracker coming by the hands of Sandrino, Langenberg and Moodmusic head honcho Sasse, united under their MKS moniker. We’ve the pleasure of bringing you our pick of the bunch “Rough Trade” – a heavy melodic and endlessly groovy piece of shimmering sequences and deeply atmospheric build-ups. While the digital release will offer three tracks, the EP’s title track “II” has already hit the shelves as one-sided 12″.

II is scheduled for release January 4th. Grab your digital copy HERE and vinyl copy HERE.