After releasing work on labels such as Diynamic, Exploited and Bedrock, the Spanish Lopezhouse duo returns with their debut EP for the Suara mothership, including two different interpretations by office favorite Sascha Funke.

For their Suara debut, the Lopezhouse duo brings “Motorik” to life, a long, original cut that takes us into an extensive mental trip with a duration of more than 10 minutes. The adventure begins with two main elements: a rhythmic base on which a dreamy atmosphere hatches on. The track develops progressively, incorporating different elements until they overlay into a complex composition and make a sharp 180° turn to an unexpected outcome.

On the other hand, we’ve German office favorite Sascha Funke pulling two different kind of rabbits out of his hat. Where his “Rave” mix focusses on the sharp and raw elements of the original, our pick of the bunch, the “Hard House” version, steadily steers towards captivating glory. Gentle melody lines stroke the dreamlike ambience with a velvet paintbrush, as its vivid bass line cruises onwards. Euphoric and enchanting stuff!

Motorik is scheduled for release October 29th via Suara. Pre-order HERE.