Llewellyn seamlessly navigates true a wide array of compelling sound narratives as he returns to Peter Invasion’s always excellent Riotvan record label with his “San Junipero” EP. A widely spaced-out, thoughtfully arranged packages featuring a good quota of club functionality.

Not that long ago, one had to introduce Llewellyn as Martin Enke’s House-and-Disco-bound sideshow to his main-moniker Lake People. That’s kinda obsolete these days, as Llewellyn has been cranking out enough high quality material over the last months to be on everybody’s radar. “San Junipero” is already his second EP release on Peter Invasion‘s always on point Riotvan record label in less than a year. It’s the successor to his “The Other Side Of You” EP, the actual “Other Side” so to say, if not his prime moment so far.

His track “San Junipero” has quite the compelling storyline to it. Stretching just over the 8-minute mark, the EP’s title track kicks off with a straight hitting beat frame and roughed up clap sequences before slowly introducing its beautifully orchestrated main synth that sees you ride into the Italian Rivièra sunset sometime 1980. A silky smooth, widely spaced-out Disco jam with still a good quota of club functionality.

San Junipero is scheduled for release May 4th. Pre-order via Bandcamp and Muting The Noise.