In an everlasting cloud of progression, Opium Club is at the peak of its powers. Opium of the People” sees the Vilnius-based institution transcend to new heights in an almost romantic way with a comprehensive celebration by its core residents and members of the extended Opium family. 

It wouldn’t be an overstatement to say that Opium is currently the most talked about club North of Berlin. The Vilnius-based institution has earned the admiration of local crowd, loyalty of visiting artists and respect of industry insiders by nurturing unique local talent and bringing high quality house and techno acts to the Baltics, giving new meaning to parties of the highest intensity and unprecedented intimacy. In an everlasting cloud of progression “Opium of the People” sees the musical institution transcend to new heights via Le Temps Perdu in an almost romantic way.

The comprehensive celebration, compiled by Opium’s head of programming Vidmantas “V” Cepkauskas, features 13 exclusive tracks by core residents and members of the extended Opium family from all around the world such as Lauer, Autarkic, Manfredas, Plentev, Thomas Von Party and Dreems. The latter we bring you today in its full glory. For the occasion, Multi Culti co-founder Dreems exhibits a rich-textured “Shark Water” painting of complex soundscapes, chugging baselines and bubbling drum sequences with plenty dance floor ability.

Opium of the People is scheduled for release April 27th via Le Temps Perdu. Pre-order HERE.