An exciting double LP containing 8 tracks which take the listener on a versatile journey from digital reggae over tropical balearic vibes to boogie and wave. Prodigious selector DJ soFa returns for the third release of his Elsewhere compilation series on Crevette Records.

Crevette Records embarks on versatile odyssey that seamlessly moves between various cultures, timezones and styles. Carefully curated by Brussels’ DJ soFa the eight track V/A compilation signals the third installment in his highly sought-after Elsewhere series and showcases his warmest selection yet. As with the previous compilation, musicians from far and wide have been brought together across two slabs of beautifully mastered vinyl.

Featured on the compilation are tracks by Puma & Dolphin, Bernard Fevre, Giuseppe Leonardi, Velvet C and Bepotel among others. Our pick of the bunch comes courtesy of Anatolian Weapons, who is fresh from releases on Dekmantel and Lurid Music. A mind bending trip where 80’s drum patterns bring you to exotic tribal workouts and where silky smooth synth lines lead to funky bass grooves.

V/A – Elsewhere CDXLIV is scheduled for release January 15th. Grab your copy via Discogs.