You And Your Hippie Friends grows its footprint on international dance floors with the full-length debut of Güero, the latest outing from the Hippie Dance sister label. Fizzy arpeggios, chunky basslines and the occasional guitar cameo – we highly recommend you to check out the full LP.

To attentive hippie friends, the Güero moniker should ring a big, funky bell. He previously appeared on the You And Your Hippie Friends imprint with his “Convertible Ride” cut, but has since dropped some of those conceptual pounds in an effort to reach maximum sleekness. His debut album “My Way My Rules” is a testament to ultimate funk-a-ficiency, digging deep into fizzy arpeggios, chunky basslines and the occasional guitar cameo.

On “Elektronique”, Güero show his unabashed love for harmonically combined musical sounds and takes us on a ride with thick basslines, dramatic synth sweeps and colourfull arpeggios. In anticipation of the album, we fired some question across to the producer about all things Güero, his connection to Rebolledo and the Hippie Dance crew and things to come.

Welcome Güero, first off the usual icebreaker. How have you been and what did your day look like today?

Very happy about the upcoming release. It was a busy day at work but afterwards i enjoyed preparing the live set for future gigs.

As I did a little digging for this interview, I noticed there is not much information floating around at the moment, so lets start from the beginning. Can you tell us a little about your background and when you first became interested in electronic music?

I was fortunate to have an early influence in electronic music, several friends had electronic dance clubs, others were DJ’s and few others were producers, so my interest grew since I was young and innocent. I was a DJ for a little while and then decided to make my own music.

Do you come from a strong musical family or are you the first family member to venture into the music world?

Yes, my grandmother was a beautiful musician. Her birthday parties were focused around her playing the piano and organ. 

Your debut release came in the form of a single on Hippie Dance’s sister label You And Your Hippie Friends, almost 3 years ago now. What have you been up to in the meantime?

Well, enjoying life, have an amazing son, lots of work in the family business and of course recording and mixing the album that is finally here!

This month will see the release of your debut album on You And Your Hippie Friends, titled ‘My Way My Rules’. Must feel good to sign your first work on such an esteemed record label. How did you first get involved with them?

Mauricio Rebolledo is a very good friend of mine, he hosted as a DJ a lot of the parties we were in. I’m very grateful for his support on the album and feeling very happy the album is coming out on an awesome label!

It’s quiet a big step, from releasing your first single to releasing your first fully fledged album. Tell us a little about the LP’s cultivation and the idea behind it.

Well, the main drive was music itself, I enjoy a lot spending time at the studio, and more to follow my instincts regardless of the outcome, or genre, sometimes it’s good, sometimes it’s awesome to my ears.

Things got more interesting when I invited friends such as Daniel Maloso, Febe Esquerra and Aldo Carrizales to collaborate and have a good time. After a few recorded songs it started to look like an album, that’s when I involved Rebolledo and everything started to fall into place.

On the album, you showcase a broad spectrum of different musical genre elements. Where do you drawl your inspiration from? Any artists in particular that have been guidances to you?

Old disco records, funk and electronic dance music were the main inspiration material but most of the time it just came from experimentation in the studio. There are some artists though that I do listen to a lot and might be influenced by, like some records of Lindstrom, Todd Terje, Ilya Santana, Jimmy Castor Bunch to name a few.

When producing, what do you prefer to turn to; hardware or software, and why?

My way my rules, was recorded with analogue synths and drum machines, some drum recordings, electric guitar and bass. I do have to say I hate software! It takes the creativity moment away. Playing and experimenting with hardware is way more fun than cliking on a mouse and staring at a screen.

What would be the perfect listening environment for you album?

Good question, a good drive on a sunny day might be the preferred stage or a very nice sound system at home with close friends might do the trick.

What’s on the horizon for Güero?

Don’t quite have a clear horizon but I will be doing some live sets in mexico and hopefully a mini European tour, but on the side, I will keep recording and jamming in the studio. Maybe a second album comes together.

My Way My Rules is scheduled for release February 23rd. Pre-order HERE.